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Bringing communities together for charity

DrunkGamesDoneSlowly (DGDS) Is about bringing communities together for different charities. Each month, a roster of streamers apply and are chosen to participate in something greater than themselves, and so far we have raised more than ten thousand dollars for different charities.


RetroBlockParty began in January of 2018 as DrunkGamesDoneSlowly, with a roster of just seven individuals playing retro games. Supporting Saint Jude, the goal was set to 500 dollars. The community raised a total of $1,780.00. Our first event blew the goal out of the water, and we've been trying to raise the bar each month since then. Including new events like The Hangover, where everything is allowed and The Drunkcast where the organizers behind the event talk about upcoming events and bring on special guest appearances.


RetroBlockParty isn't about any one streamer, or even alcohol (we understand, this is confusing for us as well). RetroBlockParty is about what good can come out of a community of like-minded streamers. It's about the group effort of having fun while raising money for charity. It's about the difference that a bunch of communities can make when brought together.

If you feel like participating in something bigger than any one person, check out our discord and twitter, or even hit the application button in the navigation panel when it goes live each month. Thanks for checking out RetroBlockParty!


Contact RetroBlockParty

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to message an Organizer in the Discord, or email RetroBlockParty@gmail.com