Welcome to RetroBlockParty

Bringing communities together for charity

DrunkGamesDoneSlowly (DGDS) Is about bringing communities together for different charities. Each month, a roster of streamers apply and are chosen to participate in something greater than themselves, and so far we have raised more than ten thousand dollars for different charities.

  • What is RetroBlockParty?

 RetroBlockParty (Formerly DGDS) was formed to bring the community together to raise money for charity. Since forming in January of 2018, RetroBlockParty and the community has raised over twenty-thousand dollars for various charities.


  • What is Tiltify? Where does my donation go?

    Tiltify is the first crowdfunding platform designed for gamers to raise money through their streams, for their favorite causes. Users can link a campaign page to any charity on the site, set campaign goals, a schedule, even set up things like incentives and milestones.

    When you donate through Tiltify, your money is donated directly to the charity to which the campaign you donated through is linked. Your bank statement will reflect the name of the charity and notes the Tiltify campaign through which you donated.

  • Can I participate? What are the requirements?

    Yes! RetroBlockParty is all about our community!

    While we consider everyone who applies, we do have several requirements for our applicants.

    You must be 18 years old. RetroBlockParty is a mature rated channel. While we understand that the age of adulthood varies in some countries and areas, in the US, the age at which one is considered a legally responsible adult is 18. As such, we cannot accept anyone under this age as applicants to participate in the event.

    You must be a Twitch affiliate. Twitch holds affiliates to a higher standard regarding their channel. In order to protect the standards of our own channel, we feel that those standards outlined in Twitch’s affiliate program are a good starting point in what we look for in a streamer.

    Also, please make sure your VoDs are viewable to the public so that we can review your content! We can’t see how awesome you are if you don’t have any videos to show us!

  • What kind of content do you look for?

    RetroBlockParty is a retro gaming community. As such, we will only consider retro, or retro inspired games in applications. While the definition of what is considered retro has been argued, we define retro as games from the early 2000s and older. Games such as Shovel Knight, Cuphead, and The Messenger would be considered retro inspired. That being said, RPGs generally not be accepted for a segment. RPGs tend to take much longer than the two hour segment we allot to a participant and do not usually fit well in a marathon event. If you are unsure if your game would be acceptable, please ask in the Discord if a game would be acceptable.

  • Do I have to beat my game in two hours?

    No! The only thing we ask is that you do not play a game blind. As long as you and the community are having fun, that is what matters.

  • When do applications open?

    Applications are opened during the weekend of each event. An announcement will be made during the event once they are through all of RetroBlockParty’s media channels. Applications will usually remain open for two weeks after the event, after which, we review each applicant and create a functional schedule for next month’s event.

  • How will I know if I've been accepted?

    We ask that all applicants join our official Discord, as this is how we message accepted applicants! If you are accepted, you will receive a direct message on Discord from one of RetroBlockParty’s organizers with further instructions. A message to @everyone will be made in the Announcements section of the Discord when applications are sent out.